How often have you spent time with your family members? with brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, or other family members? Within a day, have you used your short moments with them? Nowadays, it is not uncommon to be busy for the sake of being busy making people rarely take advantage of the time together with their family. Lack of quality time in the family can lead to loosening of the ties between father, mother, and children, including those who have not had children. In fact, the cause of the decline in the moral quality of the younger generation today is one of which is also suspected as a result of the failure of the family to carry out its functions properly.

Family is someone who will always be there and accept it no matter how bad your situation is. Family is also a source of inspiration and happiness in life. Always try to make time each day to communicate and get together with your family. enjoying time with family has many positive impacts, especially on children’s growth and development. Here are some of the benefits of spending time with family